Software für Fensterbau und Türenbau


The times incurred in production can be recorded manually. Alternatively, time stamps can also be recorded directly in the company by employees using a Windows-based PC, barcode reader or FenTools. For post-calculation, the recorded times are used for a target/actual comparison.

FenTime enables the recording of production times in the company via recording terminal. After selecting the employee, a new activity can be started, an existing activity can be interrupted or terminated, or an interrupted activity can be continued by selecting the operation and cost center. Alternatively, the recording with personalized barcode readers or smartphones via FenTools is possible as well.

The displayed employees, cost centers and transactions are taken from the FenOffice database. Booked times are stored in the FenOffice database. Import or export of data is not necessary.

The actual material costs can be compared to the calculated costs with the help of FenTime. In connection with the optional financial module, supplier invoices can be taken over directly.