Software für Fensterbau und Türenbau


Flexibility and speed will be the future prerequisites for successful market positioning. We should not underestimate the central significance of reliable business decisions, based on an optimal and rapid overview of the company and the accurate distribution of business information.

Electronic data processing and the use of new technology are increasingly becoming the focus of success-oriented corporate strategies. It is necessary to face and master these challenges in order to be prepared fort he competitive climate ahead. FenOffice consists of the base module ProAdmin and the construction module ProDesign.



ProAdmin is the versatile instrument for your complete office organization. An optimal solution for your enterprise.

ProAdmin is an extensive and above all, user-friendly software package, with which you can work on and administer addresses, articles and projects. Seizing new customers, changing addresses and article values and removing outdated data can be made at any time in the existing volume of data. Compatibly to Microsoft Office and by means of the unrestricted data transfers of the relational data base are dates, job execution, calculation and reminders to handle storekeeping and much more besides uncomplicated. High performance components ensure simple handling the most different enterprise information and support multiple evaluation possibilities.


ProDesign is the fast, universal tool for your window manufacturing. Speed is not witchcraft.

ProDesign supports you with manufacturing complicated window superstructures. In shortest time you design the interior opinion colorfast and true to scale. Besides ProDesign produces detail-true external opinions e.g. for architects. Automatically measured designs are your base for a wide spread of uses. With various manufacturing lists, customer documents or general overviews you can handle the needs of your enterprise. Manufacturing-relevant data are available for individually shapeable manufacturing lists and labels. The freely definable cost centers and processing steps of your enterprise are basis of your entire calculation. Whether wood, wood-aluminum or plastic windows, independence is the substantial factor for window-constructions and the variety of representation possibilities for all window-systems are nearly endless.


Die im Betrieb anfallenden Zeiten können manuell erfasst werden. Alternativ können Stempelungen auch direkt im Betrieb durch die Mitarbeiter mittels eines windows-basierten PC erfasst werden. Für die Nachkalkulation können die erfassten Zeiten zu einem Soll-Ist-Vergleich herangezogen werden.

Die tatsächlichen Materialkosten können mit FenTime den kalkulierten Kosten gegenübergestellt werden. In Verbindung mit dem optionalen Modul Finanzwesen können Lieferantenrechnungen direkt übernommen werden.

FenTime ermöglicht die Erfassung von Fertigungszeiten direkt im Betrieb via Web-Browser. Nach der Auswahl des Mitarbeiters kann durch die Auswahl von Vorgang und Kostenstelle eine neue Tätigkeit begonnen werden, eine bestehende Tätigkeit unterbrochen bzw. beendet werden oder eine unterbrochene Tätigkeit fortgesetzt werden. Die angezeigten Mitarbeiter, Kostenstellen und Vorgänge werden direkt dem FenOffice-Datenbestand entnommen. Gebuchte Zeiten werden direkt im FenOffice-Datenbestand gespeichert. Ein Import oder Export von Daten ist somit nicht notwendig.

Für jeden Browser (bzw. jede IP-Adresse) können die angezeigten Mitarbeiter und Kostenstellen konfiguriert werden. Die Auswahl des Mitarbeiters ist optional nur mit PIN möglich. Für Mitarbeiter kann deshalb auf der Adressmaske eine PIN hinterlegt werden. Per Web-Browser können aktuell gebuchte Tätigkeiten und Zeiten eingesehen werden.


ProAdmin is not an isolated solution. Quite the opposite – the data stored in ProAdmin can be transferred to nearly every Windows program. For this, there is a set of realized data exchange formats; however individual data format transfers are possible, too. Following is a list of transfer possibilities which we’ve compiled as examples.

  • Microsoft Office

    Word serial letters, Word process export (DOC, RTF, PDF, HTML), Word individual documents, Excel materials, Excel fittings, Outlook contacts, Outlook addresses

  • Financial accounting

    DATEV, IBM-FiBu, Apertum Accounting

  • Dealer and sales representative interface

    Master data export, Project import / export, Process import / export, Address import / export

  • Material import

    ComNorm import, EuroAscii glass, EuroAscii fittings

  • Links to ERP

    OPO - open invoice management, FiBu - financial accounting, MaWi - material accounting

  • Time management

    Operational data, Post calculation

  • Payment transactions

    Remittance slip, Cheque forms, Online per DTAUS

  • Zeichnungen

    Vector - drawing export (WMF,EMF,DXF), Bitmap - drawing export (BMP,JPG,PNG)

Data transfers

ProDesign not only prepares data for manufacturing lists; much of the construction data is needed for manufacturing or assembly machines. Thus, it is likely that these calculated values be transferred to automated production machines in electronic form.

  • Production of wood and wood-aluminum windows

    Cross cut saw, Moulder, Profiling machine, Tenoning machine, Stormproofing machine, Frame clamping machine, Cup hinge boring machine, Round arch milling machine, Backup milling machine, Cross bar milling machine, Doweling machine, Mortising machine, Produktion lines, CNC-machining centres, Sash assembly centre, Inkjet printer, Laser printer

  • Production of PVC windows

    Cross cut saw, Double mitre saw, PVC-machining centres, Welding machine, Corner cleaning machine, Sash assembly centre, Production labels

  • Treatment of aluminum

    Cross cut saw, Double mitre saw

  • Saws

    arbitrary bar-material, optimized / not optimized, Profile coding, colour code, Angle / Schifter cuttings, glass border cuttings

  • solid wood processing

    longitudinal profiles, end profiles, tool splitting, pegs (along and face), drillings (along and face)

  • shaping

    edge roundness (closed parapet wall), shape and profi le changing, variable external bank profiles, variable interior bank profiles

  • fitting assembly

    olive drillings, strikers, hinges, lock case milling

  • PVC windows

    cut of the profiles and reinforcing, treatment of fittings, reinforcement, water slot routers, screw connection drillings, welding, corner cleaning


- = not available

* = optional

= available

empty = not applicable

S = Standard

P = Professional

E = Enterprise

ProAdmin Standard Professional Enterprise
address administration
extended adress administration -
list-printings over report generator -
material administration
supplier administration -
extended fictitious articles -
discount management -
selling price calculation (special prices) -
administration of auxiliary documents -
target-times print -
lists with report generator -
project management
project characteristics -
completion of standard procedures
extended process completion -
process export to Microsoft Word
process printing over report-generator -
direct part-list printing
sum positions
user administration - *
ability to clientele processing - -
salesman - referred project filters - -
server dongle - *
data base on Microsoft SQL server - *
application over terminal server - *
ERP/PPS link-up - - *


ProDesign Standard Professional Enterprise
single materials type, including free-parts lists    
further materials types including free-parts lists *    
material types wood/wood-alu/PVC -
material type aluminum - * *
free-parts lists   * *
free label-design * * *
administration of target-times -
administration of fitting sets *
machine controlling - * *
optional auxiliary modules * * *