Software für Fensterbau und Türenbau

About us

ProLogic Computer GmbH is developing modular software for window and door construction since 1985. In our headquarter in Rottendorf, nestling between Spessart and Rhön, the ideas for our software are born.

headquarter in Rottendorf

We see ourselves

as an integrally-oriented contact partner for window-producing companies.

We are small enough

to provide you with individualised and market-driven assistance and consulting.

We are large enough

to support you in the entire palette of window production.


We are experienced enough

to assist you in strategic production planning in nearly all product areas

We are creative enough

although one can never be creative enough, when it comes to developing independent production concepts that don’t just incorporate lists or online use.

We realise that good is not good enough.

That’s why we are always looking for new ways for the market- and target group-oriented positioning of your product.