Software für Fensterbau und Türenbau

FenOffice for the pocket

FenTools is the first step towards a paperless office. Not only flexibility and promptness are the conditions of a future oriented company but also mobility is an issue that becomes more and more important. For almost 30 years now, Prologic offers software solutions for the window- and door production to its customers and now has a mobile solution on hand as well: FenTools.

The app for iOS and Android offers extensive access to the FenOffice System.  No matter whether a customer is in his office or on his way to a meeting, as long as a mobile internet access is available, the users can pull up the current data base of FenOffice.

With the address-search function of FenTools all important customer data (such as contact data, projects, external documents, administrative information etc.) can get pulled up in seconds.  This allows the user to be ideally prepared for all kinds of customer pitches.  On-site changes no longer need to get entered manually at a later date but can get updated directly in Fen-Tools.  After one click on the ‚synchronize’ key, the information is available in the FenOffice System.   And for the case somebody loses orientating, the searching hits can get displayed on a card with a location-based radius search.

FenTools offers location-independent access to all customer projects.  In doing so it is not only possible to view the projects (including all activities) but also process them.  It’s possible to insert pictures and notes, site measurements or complete projects or positions directly from the construction site.

Users can now dare to go the first step towards a paperless, mobile office and put FenOffice in the pocket.  With the usage of Fen-Tools you save time and money.